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Success Story: Cyon

Cyon first came to Jacob’s Ladder in July 2011. Prior to coming to Jacob’s Ladder, Cyon had been diagnosed with a variety of disorders, ranging from Cystic encephalomalacia (type of brain damage caused by softening of neurological tissue) and microcephaly (head smaller than same-age peers), to cerebral palsy and developmental delay. Concerns were also present regarding Cyon’s visual abilities, as he had ultimately been diagnosed with central macular vision impairment with strabismus in both eyes.

Cyon and a fellow student in the front lobby.

When we first met Cyon, his parents were looking for a place who would understand his unique abilities and help him learn. During the initial evaluation, he exhibited overall developmental delays, with significant delays in language and fine motor abilities. Cyon was also unable to visually track an object for any length of time. There were challenging moments of behavior that included intentional non-compliance of directions, purposefully falling to the floor, climbing, pinching, and hair grabbing.

After 4 years at Jacob’s Ladder, Cyon’s development has seen exponential growth! Cyon is now beginning to track objects at varying distances in environmentally functional and engaging ways, such as watching someone walk down the hall or tracking food during snack. He follows through on one-step directions and is able to independently navigate the school and visually discriminate between people and locations. He loves being a part of any conversation and when he hears his name mentioned, he smiles and his eyes will light up. There has also been an improvement in his independence; he is now carrying his own items down the hall and will help clean up after a meal or snack when verbally prompted. There has also been a significant increase in compliance in that Cyon now displays very little maladaptive behaviors.

Cyon has developed a special relationship with every teacher he’s had at Jacob’s Ladder.

Cyon with Ms. Evan, Ms. Megan, and Ms. Ericka.

For Halloween 2014, Cyon and Mr. Marion both dressed up as Superman.










One of Cyon’s favorite program activities is Familiar Faces Environmental Picture Matching. This activity requires him to be able to visually identify the face in the picture, find the person within his environment, walk up to them, and hand them the familiar face picture to close the loop. Here is Cyon working his familiar face picture with Ms. Allegra.

At our Teacher Work Day to close out the 2014-2015 school year, we asked Cyon’s mom to share a bit of their story. Here are some of the awesome things she had to say.

We are so incredibly proud of you Cyon! We are looking forward to another amazing school year.

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