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Staff Spotlight: It’s a Family Affair

What Jacob’s Ladder means to me: This school is an organization genuinely dedicated to its cause; it is a place where the kids, families, and employees truly matter.

Every morning I walk into Jacob’s Ladder, I can feel the love from each person. The core values of Hope, Truth, and Love are palpable and present.

I spent 8 years in the IT field because it was where I had always pictured myself. I didn’t know what was missing, but once my wife found Jacob’s Ladder, it became increasingly clear. Jessie, came home so happy every day telling stories about how much she loved her job and the amazing people. My first time inside the school was the day of my interview and the moment I walked through the door, I knew this is where I was meant to be. I understood what she had been talking about and eagerly entered into a new world.

Working with this group of people, everyone from my coworkers to the students, has changed my life immensely. Looking into the faces of these kids and families, seeing the joy you can provide and the lives you can change, is indescribable. For the first time ever, I am excited to wake up and come to work at this wonderful place. This, to me, is not work.

After 8 long years, I now know that missing feeling was something actually missing in my heart.

It is the best feeling in the world to know that really anything is possible if you work very hard and do everything you can to help each student to reach their fullest potential.

Witnessing the changes is an absolute privilege.  We’ve had so many conversations about doing something meaningful with our lives, something that matters…now we are.


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