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Camp Southern Ground Weekend Camp Getaways

We are happy to announce that our friends at Camp Southern Ground will soon be hosting their annual weekend camp getaways, the first one beginning on Friday, September 9th. Two more sessions will follow in September, along with one more the second week of October. Each camp will welcome children aged 8-13, half boys, half girls, for a total student count of 56 campers. The campers will spend two nights learning to work and communicate effectively with one another while building real-life skills through structured programming. This experience is not the typical teen or tween getaway. Students will be askedRead More

Community Partnerships: Roswell High School

Since it’s establishment in 1998 Jacob’s Ladder continues to thrive year after year. We could not have done this on our own, and are very thankful for the many community partnerships that have been built along our journey. Just as alliances occur naturally in nature so, too, do mutually beneficial relationships spring up in the urban jungle. It is only with the help of others that we have been able to spread our message of Hope, Truth, and Love to families across the world. One such partnership is with Roswell High School, our neighbors and friends in business for theRead More

Parent Testimonial: Jackson B.

Time and again, we hear from families about the ways Jacob’s Ladder has changed their lives for the better. How we gave HOPE to a family who’d previously had none. How we LOVE their children not in spite of their differences but because of what makes them special. How we’ve transcended the limitations of mere disorders and established a new TRUTH based on the child’s abilities and potential.    We are so thankful for these families and the job that they bring to us. And it warms our heart when they remind us of the impact we’ve had in their lives. Thank you,Read More

Success Story: Brody

One of the ways that Jacob’s Ladder stands out when it comes to working with our population of children is our commitment to look at a child as a whole. Through the years of evaluating children, our Founding Director, Amy O’Dell, has outlined 4 components that have shown to be inter-woven when looking at where a child is and envisioning their potential for growth: Neurodevelopmental, Physiological, Learning Style, and Emotional/Behavioral/Social. These Dynamics are integral to a child’s neurodevelopment and overall cognitive functioning. As they are connected, difficulties in one can lead to challenges in all, however successes in one alsoRead More

Sibling Group

We are excited to announce a new resource for our Jacob’s Ladder families! We have launched a Sibling Group for the brothers and sisters of our students facilitated by Katy Miles, LMSW. It will be held at our Roswell location on the fourth Thursday of each month. This group will be a special time for siblings to come together, enjoy therapeutic play, and learn to support each other in telling their own stories. Our next group is scheduled for Thursday, March 19th from 4:00 PM till 6:00 PM. The group is open to siblings over the age of 6, though younger siblingsRead More

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