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Student Spotlight

Samantha ‘Sammie’ Leiter was born in Atlanta, GA in 2004. She is a true Georgia girl as well and attends Jacobs Ladder Neurodevelopmental School and Therapy Center in Buckhead. Sammie suffered a non-traumatic brain injury at 2.5 weeks old, when a blood clot lodged unknowingly in her brain and caused significant damage. The doctor’s prognosis was bleak, but her parents never gave up hope. Sammie works hard, has an amazing support system of friends and family and a ‘don’t ever quit’ spirit. She rides horses weekly at Chastain Horse Park and paints as often as she can during the week. Sammie loves to bring happinessRead More

The success of on-going HOPE

Some families strike our hearts in such a way that their story is unforgettable. These families became part of the greater Jacob’s Ladder family and this connection can become incredibly strong. No matter where a family is located, the thread that is the HOPE of Jacob’s Ladder may begin in Roswell, GA, but can stretch across the globe. One of the greatest examples of this connection is evidenced in Connor and his family. When Connor first came to Jacob’s Ladder, he was only 6 years old, and his parents had already completed numerous evaluations in order to determine the bestRead More

A Week in the Life of HOPE School

The Jacob’s Ladder HOPE School is a unique education environment that serves students with a complex set of social-emotional, neuro-biological, behavioral, or academic challenges. All students that attend HOPE School are incredibly bright individuals, each with deeply endearing qualities, and add such joy to the Jacob’s Ladder family. Our HOPE School students have had quite the exciting week. From playing soccer with a four-legged furry friend to showing off their school spirit to friends and family, here’s a few highlights from our HOPE School students this week! Adventure Based Learning One facet of the HOPE School is making learning newRead More

The HOPE of Transformation

One of the amazing things that happens at Jacob’s Ladder are the hidden moments of miraculous joy. On a typical afternoon earlier this year, Jacob’s Ladder got to experience one of these hidden moments. Beverly, who just recently turned 18, is a spunky teenager who loves music, socializing with friends, and all things pop culture. She is a beloved part of our Jacob’s Ladder family and is frequently visited by staff and students throughout the day to say hello. Following the Jacob’s Ladder methodology, students with a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, who require the support of a wheelchair, are typically found outRead More

2015/2016 End of the Year Report

November 2016 Dear Friend of Jacob’s Ladder, Often, it’s hard to believe that the pace at which time marches on.  The 2015-2016 school year has come to an end and our 2016-2017 school year is in full swing.  Our focus tends to remain on the horizon, and we can forget how important it is to pause and reflect on the successes and lessons learned along the journey – to savor all that we have accomplished together.  Today, through our enclosed 2015-2016 end of the year report, I invite you to pause and reflect on what we have accomplished together inRead More

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