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Coherence Theory

Amy O’Dell spoke to professionals, prospective clients, and employees at Jacob’s Ladder’s June 21st seminar. In her remarks, she described the importance of the nurturing relationship forged between each student and his or her teacher, comparing with findings of a HeartMath Study. She then talks about the miracle of living heart cells beating in unison. The beat of the heart resides in each cell and is controlled within the heart by a pacemaker. Individual heart cells in a petri dish will beat at their own rythm until they come into close proximity with another cell. They begin to beat inRead More

Kameron Identifies Shapes!

Born at 24 weeks and diagnosed with hearing and vision loss and mild periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), three-year old Kameron began school at Jacob’s Ladder with communication challenges. While his hearing and vision had been corrected, his language was delayed. At three, he recognized about twenty words and could say, “go,” “eat,” “more,” and “yes.” We put Kameron on our intensive one-on-one curriculum, delivering interventions at specific frequencies, intensities, and durations crossing all four domains and building a strong foundation for learning receptive and expressive language skills. We began by working on vowel and consonant sounds and giving him verbal flooding,Read More

Emmanuel’s Journey

Emmanuel joined Jacob’s Ladder at the age of three.  Diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS, Emmanuel came to us with challenges. When asked a question, he would repeat the question or say “yes.” When something was said to him, like many children diagnosed with Autism, he would simply repeat it (echolalia). He didn’t want to talk to anyone else in the building but his teacher. He couldn’t identify any of our other teachers. He couldn’t identify any objects when asked, “What is this?”  He was processing 2’s and matching colors.  We put him on our intensive, 1:1 curriculum, crossing neurodevelopmental,Read More

FOCUS 2012

February 11, 2012 Jacob’s Ladder attended the 25th Annual FOCUS Educational Conference at Dunwoody United Methodist Church. “FOCUS understands and supports the unique needs of families with children who are medically fragile or have significant developmental or physical disabilities. FOCUS offers comfort, hope and information to parents; accessible recreational and social programs, for children and teens; and fun, inclusive activities for the entire family. A nonprofit founded by parents in 1983, FOCUS continues to embrace and strengthen metro Atlanta families.” We are so fortunate to be a partner with such a wonderful organization! The keynote speaker was Derrick and JulieRead More

Our Mission

Jacob’s Ladder believes that great potential lies within each child, regardless of diagnosis. We have built a school that serves and educates children utilizing an intensive array of interventions, helping each child maximize that potential. Our mission is clear, and our promise is steadfast – We believe that every brain is capable of new growth and change. No matter what the condition or diagnosis given we know that the brain can change based on the input and stimulation it receives. Our job is to provide that intense interaction and stimulation – consistently and daily. Our mission is to believe inRead More

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