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HOPE–an expectant cherished trust in the power of transformation

Jacob’s Ladder defines HOPE as an expectant, cherished trust in the power of transformation.4

Below is a note from a family that moved to Roswell, GA from California a week ago…

Hi Amy,

I wanted to share something with you. Three years ago, I gave up on Western Medicine and made it my priority to get Connor well. I need to see my son walk and hear him talk, and I will continue to do everything in my power for that to happen. I have always believed he was in there, and in a lot of areas, we have been successful in helping him. When Emily told me about Jacob’s Ladder, I prayed hard for a tangible sign to know if this was the place for him, something that I could see, visibly. When I walked in the first day to meet with you and tour the school, the first thing I saw was the shirt framed behind the couch at the front door:

HOPE, in baby blue.

Kyla Daisy


Three years ago, I started a walk for Connor to fundraise for all his therapy needs and the shirts I had made were baby blue, with HOPE written across the front. Connor DThat is my favorite word, and I’ve been making the same shirts every year. I got my sign, relied on faith, and decided to sign him up. 

Connor D 1After one week, I’ve seen enough progress to match up my logic with my faith.

I want to thank you for doing what you do. I have never been to a place with a more loving, kind, amazing staff like you have at your school, and I am so grateful for this opportunity for my son.

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