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Community Partnerships: Roswell High School

Since it’s establishment in 1998 Jacob’s Ladder continues to thrive year after year. We could not have done this on our own, and are very thankful for the many community partnerships that have been built along our journey. Just as alliances occur naturally in nature so, too, do mutually beneficial relationships spring up in the urban jungle. It is only with the help of others that we have been able to spread our message of Hope, Truth, and Love to families across the world.

One such partnership is with Roswell High School, our neighbors and friends in business for the past four years. When we first began converting the home on Hardscrabble Road into a school and therapy center, we could not have imagined how lucky we were to have Roswell High right across the road. Our relationship with them started even as the building took root. Slowly, we began the partnership that is thriving so strongly today. Many students volunteer throughout the year and for special events, such as Hide & Seek Art. Some first heard of us on promotions for the Roswell High “Hornets” football team, which is sponsored, in part, by Jacob’s Ladder. And each year students learn more about Jacob’s Ladder at the annual Career Fair; many intern with us._MG_7006

Roswell High students enrolled in their Career Internship program find a second home in the little white house across the street. They spend hours each week hands-on with our children and teachers, lending a helping hand wherever possible. Our students and families come to know and love them, greeting them with warm smiles during their visits and feeling the pain of losing them when their internship is over. Thankfully, this feeling of sadness does not always last; many of our interns find their home at Jacob’s Ladder, and often return here for a job after college, much to the delight of the students whose lives they’ve touched.

Outside of formal internships, some students feel a call to help and do it on their own time. Many Roswell High students volunteer after school, of their own accord, assisting as needed through the halls of Jacob’s Ladder. They come here for many reasons- seeking real-world experience, building their resume, or simply because they have a big heart and a call to help others- but all leave having added a little more Hope, Truth, and Love into the world. One such volunteer found her life’s passion in our neurofeedback department. After years of sacrificing her own time to learn more about the program and help out with the day-t0-day activities and research, she decided to work towards a career in this field. For her essay she polished up a 500 word homage to Jacob’s Ladder and her experience in our neurofeedback department and was accepted, with flying colors, into the Ivy League school of her dreams.

We are so grateful for the people who have donated their time and love to our growing home. It is through these friendships that we have been able to prosper, and we hope we’ve shown you a little Hope. Truth. Love in return. Thank you to all the businesses, families, and individuals out there who have helped us along our way; and a special thanks to Roswell High in particular. We are blessed to have you as neighbors, and are lucky to have you along in our journey.

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