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Category: Success Stories

Kameron Identifies Shapes!

Born at 24 weeks and diagnosed with hearing and vision loss and mild periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), three-year old Kameron began school at Jacob’s Ladder with communication challenges. While his hearing and vision had been corrected, his language was delayed. At three, he recognized about twenty words and could say, “go,” “eat,” “more,” and “yes.” We put Kameron on our intensive one-on-one curriculum, delivering interventions at specific frequencies, intensities, and durations crossing all four domains and building a strong foundation for learning receptive and expressive language skills. We began by working on vowel and consonant sounds and giving him verbal flooding,Read More

Emmanuel’s Journey

Emmanuel joined Jacob’s Ladder at the age of three.  Diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS, Emmanuel came to us with challenges. When asked a question, he would repeat the question or say “yes.” When something was said to him, like many children diagnosed with Autism, he would simply repeat it (echolalia). He didn’t want to talk to anyone else in the building but his teacher. He couldn’t identify any of our other teachers. He couldn’t identify any objects when asked, “What is this?”  He was processing 2’s and matching colors.  We put him on our intensive, 1:1 curriculum, crossing neurodevelopmental,Read More