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Category: Success Stories

New ‘Safe and Sound’ protocol from iLs

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is an additional therapy that is used at Jacob’s Ladder that supplements a student’s individualize program. As part of their repertoire of services, iLs has recently added a new service to their therapies, the Safe and Sound Protocol. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an “innovative intervention designed to improve an individual’s social communication behaviors by reducing hearing sensitivities and improving the ability to process human speech.” SSP is a 5-day non-invasive therapy that utilizes modified music to designed to retune the auditory sensory system. In addition to providing iLs to our students, Jacob’s LadderRead More

A Love Story: Will

February is typically known as the month of love, however at Jacob’s Ladder every day is an act of love. This factor is so important that it is built into Jacob’s Ladder core values; their purpose being to build a community with an atmosphere focused around HOPE, TRUTH, and LOVE. When entering the doors at Jacob’s Ladder, you can’t help but feel the power of love that is held within the walls. Last spring, Jacob’s Ladder went re-accreditation. Following a week-long visit, the accreditation team shared their experience with the Jacob’s Ladder Leadership Team. Their comments were a representation ofRead More

Success Story: Miracle

When we first met Miracle in February 2014, her parents were unsure if she was able to process any auditory language. At her initial evaluation they said that she probably understood less than 3% of what was being said around her, as she had been pronounced deaf in her left ear and had moderate hearing loss in her right ear. In fact, Miracle had been previously diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy, where the inner ear structure responsible for perceiving sound is thought to be intact, but there were issues transmitting the input through the auditory nerve to the brain. Since the JLRead More

Success Story: William

William is a bright, social almost 5-year old boy with lots of energy and a big personality who enjoys playing with trucks, cars, and dinosaurs. He has made lots of friends among the students and staff at Jacob’s Ladder. William started programming during the summer of 2014. He has worked incredibly hard over the past year and made some incredible strides. His first re-evaluation was in May 2015 and after taking the summer off to spend some quality time with family, he began his new program at the beginning of this school year. William’s new program focuses is four-fold: to increaseRead More

Success Story: Cyon

Cyon first came to Jacob’s Ladder in July 2011. Prior to coming to Jacob’s Ladder, Cyon had been diagnosed with a variety of disorders, ranging from Cystic encephalomalacia (type of brain damage caused by softening of neurological tissue) and microcephaly (head smaller than same-age peers), to cerebral palsy and developmental delay. Concerns were also present regarding Cyon’s visual abilities, as he had ultimately been diagnosed with central macular vision impairment with strabismus in both eyes. When we first met Cyon, his parents were looking for a place who would understand his unique abilities and help him learn. During the initialRead More