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Camp Southern Ground Weekend Camp Getaways

We are happy to announce that our friends at Camp Southern Ground will soon be hosting their annual weekend camp getaways, the first one beginning on Friday, September 9th. Two more sessions will follow in September, along with one more the second week of October. Each camp will welcome children aged 8-13, half boys, half girls, for a total student count of 56 campers. The campers will spend two nights learning to work and communicate effectively with one another while building real-life skills through structured programming.

This experience is not the typical teen or tween getaway. Students will be asked to leave all electronics at home in order to prevent distractions and to increase peace of mind while in the gorgeous Georgia forests. The daily menu is organically grown, and gluten- and dairy-free in order to avoid food sensitivities. The campers will learn about the importance of good nutrition while playing an active roll in their own food preparation, from farm to table. It will provide a unique opportunity for campers to learn valuable life skills about themselves and others.

If you would like more information on how to sign up for their 2016 camps, please visit them at

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