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A Week in the Life of HOPE School

The Jacob’s Ladder HOPE School is a unique education environment that serves students with a complex set of social-emotional, neuro-biological, behavioral, or academic challenges. All students that attend HOPE School are incredibly bright individuals, each with deeply endearing qualities, and add such joy to the Jacob’s Ladder family.

Our HOPE School students have had quite the exciting week. From playing soccer with a four-legged furry friend to showing off their school spirit to friends and family, here’s a few highlights from our HOPE School students this week!

Adventure Based Learning

One facet of the HOPE School is making learning new concepts a fun and enjoyable process. One way this is achieved is by incorporating Adventure Based Learning into the day. Adventure Based Learning provides HOPE School students with the opportunity to build their social, communicative, and self-regulation skills, and to facilitate learned concepts in a generalized, social setting.

This week for adventure based learning, the HOPE school focused on trust building and positive communication with each other. One way this was lived out was through a blind-folded obstacle course that was completed with the help of a partner.  Our students had to trust each other to be their eyes in order to reach the end of obstacle course safely. 


One of the greatest assets of the HOPE School is for these students to see the diversity that shines on the rest of the campus. One way that this is accomplished is by pairing up each HOPE School student with another student on campus to provide the opportunity for each HOPE School student to be a mentor to a student that has different abilities than themselves. We have seen the absolute best from all students involved in the mentoring program; it’s truly amazing to see the amount of love and care each HOPE School student has for their mentee. This week, the mentor program started back. Being able to watch these interactions highlights the joy that each HOPE School student brings to those around them.

Interactive Academics

Our HOPE School students are have been working on building a bee hive as a class project. As the hive construction comes to an end, some students have been busy hammering and nailing the necessary interior frames, while others have been adding detail to individual boxes. Each student is able to lend their skills and gifts into this project. This week, the construction of the hive frame had a few challenges, however it enabled our HOPE School students to learn a lesson in perseverance as they were all able to push through the challenging moments.

Grandparent/Friend Day

On Friday the Roswell campus also hosted Grandparents Day! A big thank you to the grandparents and friends who joined all our HOPE School students today. The whole class was excited to show off their drumming with a performance and give everyone a tour around the campus.

And a huge shout-out goes to all our HOPE School teachers who have created such a loving and accepting environment for these incredible students to thrive!


“I think we need to BEE a friend to each other this week.”

-HOPE School teachers-

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  1. Ruthie Cohen says:

    Hope School is amazing because of its staff and their philosophy. The kindness, caring and understanding that is shown to the students is beautiful. My grandson is finally getting the care, education and love he so deserves at Hope School.

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