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3 Weeks in and Wow!

Friday and the first day it finally feels like Fall here in Georgia!

We are wrapping week three and I’m in awe of how our little project is unfolding.
In Hope School, we have three different group learning environments. Each group has organically started to take pieces of the project and focus their energy and unique talents.
Group A (lead by Laura Veloso) is committed to the learning and understanding of how a library functions.
Group B (lead by Laura Bailey) is supporting a big part of the public face of the project by taking on book collection. They are accomplishing this by partnering with local businesses and libraries (and families too)-creating donation boxes that will allow donors to easily drop unwanted and gently-used books to stock our shelves.
And Group C is overseeing the building and design process by working closely with the Administrative Team here at Jacobs Ladder and the builder in charge of completing the Library Space. The groups are keeping in touch with one another by debriefing at the end of each week and often giving assignments that will compliment the work that’s currently being done. So much creativity and collaboration taking place in these classrooms!

Setting goals and accomplishing benchmarks! Loving every minute!

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