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2015/2016 End of the Year Report

November 2016

Dear Friend of Jacob’s Ladder,

Often, it’s hard to believe that the pace at which time marches on.  The 2015-2016 school year has come to an end and our 2016-2017 school year is in full swing.  Our focus tends to remain on the horizon, and we can forget how important it is to pause and reflect on the successes and lessons learned along the journey – to savor all that we have accomplished together.  Today, through our enclosed 2015-2016 end of the year report, I invite you to pause and reflect on what we have accomplished together in the past year at Jacob’s Ladder.

Further, last Spring, we launched our formal HOPE Campaign, which allowed us to expand our borders. We have now secured both the adjacent and back properties to the Roswell Campus and have successfully begun the rezoning process, which thus far is going extraordinarily well.  We have also reached our capacity at our new Buckhead campus.  Since our Meet & Greet and recent community outreach, our goal of $3.615M is almost met with needing only $419,884 to close our gap!  We have $500,000 in capital that we will be unable to access if we are not successful in raising the remaining $419,884.

Some of you are in a position to donate funds that would have a major impact.  Others are not; we understand that.  Every dollar matters.  We ask that you please consider Jacob’s Ladder as your year-end gift recipient and consider presenting pledge cards to friends, family members, and business associates – anyone you see as being willing to hear our message, understand our need, and support our work.  We would be happy to provide you with informational packets and/or additional pledge cards upon request.

If you, or any friends & family, are able to make a year-end contribution, please visit:  Your gift will allow Jacob’s Ladder to continue to expand our borders and reach more families who need our services.  Any amount will make an immediate impact on our HOPE Campaign and will assist us in closing our $419,884 gap.

Thank you all for your continued support and belief in Jacob’s Ladder!


Amy O’Dell

Founding Director



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