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Staff Spotlight: It’s a Family Affair

What Jacob’s Ladder means to me: This school is an organization genuinely dedicated to its cause; it is a place where the kids, families, and employees truly matter. Every morning I walk into Jacob’s Ladder, I can feel the love from each person. The core values of Hope, Truth, and Love are palpable and present. I spent 8 years in the IT field because it was where I had always pictured myself. I didn’t know what was missing, but once my wife found Jacob’s Ladder, it became increasingly clear. Jessie, came home so happy every day telling stories about howRead More

Taste of Love Bakery

Taste of Love Jacob’s Ladder opened the doors to Taste of Love, an on-campus bakery, in August 2018. Taste of Love is an on-campus job training opportunity teaching independence and life skills, while exposing our students to the art of baking. Beginning as a vision by one of Jacob’s Ladder’s own teachers, the bakery has become a unique program for our students and families. Taste of Love allows our students to learn real-life kitchen and food skills. This year the curriculum has centered around safety of food, knives, and appliances (including the oven and stovetop), using appliances and hand tools, readingRead More

New ‘Safe and Sound’ protocol from iLs

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is an additional therapy that is used at Jacob’s Ladder that supplements a student’s individualize program. As part of their repertoire of services, iLs has recently added a new service to their therapies, the Safe and Sound Protocol. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an “innovative intervention designed to improve an individual’s social communication behaviors by reducing hearing sensitivities and improving the ability to process human speech.” SSP is a 5-day non-invasive therapy that utilizes modified music to designed to retune the auditory sensory system. In addition to providing iLs to our students, Jacob’s LadderRead More

3 Weeks in and Wow!

Friday and the first day it finally feels like Fall here in Georgia! We are wrapping week three and I’m in awe of how our little project is unfolding. In Hope School, we have three different group learning environments. Each group has organically started to take pieces of the project and focus their energy and unique talents. Group A (lead by Laura Veloso) is committed to the learning and understanding of how a library functions. Group B (lead by Laura Bailey) is supporting a big part of the public face of the project by taking on book collection. They areRead More

HOPE to READ Project: Students Lead the Way

Starting With Unintended Consequences Megan Finnegan, Hope School Academic Lead Today’s the day I let go. It’s pretty scary. I’ve always been a teacher who plans every unit, every lesson, and every activity with the end in mind. I ALWAYS know (or at least think I know) what the end product will look like. Not this time. Last week, I met with the founder and director of our school, Amy O’Dell.   My intention was to present her with an updated version of the idea for our latest Hope School Interactive Academics Project: design and build a library for the studentsRead More

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